Recipe: Sheet-Pan Steak and Brussel Sprouts

Seriously, this meal couldn’t have been any easier to make or quicker to cook. To be honest, this isn’t what I set out to cook. Have you ever had a great recipe idea fall to pieces?

For starters, I wanted to cook steak and broccoli, but the grocery was out of broccoli, and I forgot to stop somewhere else and just happened to have Brussel sprouts at home. Score! Also, I had a more intense seasoning blend to use, but that too failed because I slap forgot to get essential ingredients.

Dinner must go on.

I was determined to make something edible out the things I did have: beef tips, Brussel sprouts, and a pre-bottled marinade. Low and behold it was enough. (There is more profound life message there, but I will spare you, ha).


You notice that the marinade I used is a Kroger brand. It is all I had on hand, but I feel confident you can use your favorite Asian marinade in its place. You could also get fancy like I had intended and make one from scratch. However, it was refreshing to open a bottle and pour it out.

The directions are as simple as the ingredient list.

There are a few options of how you can choose to put this sheet-pan meal together.

What you see are beef tips, bought precut into cubes. If you want a higher quality steak, go for it. Just take the time to cut them into uniform squares. Remember, the thickness of the steak will determine the cooking time. My beef tips were bite-sized. As you can see, the Brussel sprouts were larger than the meat.

Next, you have options with vegetables. Broccoli would make for an excellent substitute for Brussel sprouts. However, I thoroughly enjoyed them in this recipe. It will depend on your family’s preferences. Or try it with different vegetables on different occasions. I bet papers and onions would be delicious! If you choose Brussel sprouts, cut them in half for quicker cooking time.

I highly recommend thinking ahead and marinating the meat for several hours or overnight. Allowing it to marinate will provide the beef with more flavor, and provide you with a tenderer steak. Put your meat of choice in a zip top bag and generously pour in the marinade.

When you are ready to cook, preheat your oven to 450F for a fast dinner. If you have more time or thicker cuts of meat, back that down to 350-375F and know it will take longer in the oven.

Grease a sheet pan.

Assemble the vegetables on the pan and spritz with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Add the meat with the marinade and all to the pan. Mix the vegetables in with the marinade.

Bake at 450F for 10-12 minutes. Check in around 5-7 minutes to make sure it isn’t cooking to fast (you’ll have dry steak) and stir it. You want the internal temp of the meat to be 145F.


Seriously, this cooked in 10 minutes!

The steam from the extra marinade helped the Brussel sprouts cook faster than traditional baking times.

Serve over rice, orzo (shown here), or your favorite whole grain.

Get creative; just get cooking! I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty this sheet-pan meal turned out. If you rate this plate, you get a protein from the beef, a carb from your rice or grain of choice, a vegetable because of the Brussel sprouts and a healthy fat due to the olive oil and meat. It is a complete meal in under 30 minutes.

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