Trust the Transitions in Your Life

Life is full of frequent transitions. Whether it be a graduation, a marriage, a birth (or another birth), a divorce, a death, or a journey to transform your health and fitness, change breeds distress. While taxing and stressful, many life transitions lead to something new and exciting. 

Palm Sunday 🍃 begins Holy Week for Christians. It a week of celebration as we remember the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem and the week leading up to his cruxifixction. The people looked at Him as a Savior and a King. A crowd full of joy and hope gathered to witness Jesus ride into town on a donkey. Your heart almost breaks for those full of optimism that their time to be saved had come, not having a clue what that fulfillment would look like or transition in to. 

For us, we know that Easter is coming and the ending is better than anything one of those on the roadside could've imagined. To the original Palm Sunday gathers all that was finally going right in their world was about to be tested and turned upside down. Not to mention the transition Jesus's disciples and family were about to endure. 

Wonder what it was like to be Jesus, still fully human, to ride in and see all the excitement knowing the end of the story before it could be written and shared. I don't think we ponder Jesus's humanity nearly enough. I can't imagine the weight He felt knowing that even though the ending was in their favor, they were about to endure immense disappointment, confusion, and grief. Even though He tried to explain it all, Jesus knew it was a "you gotta see it, to believe it" event. 

Jesus knew a significant transition was about to take place for His disciples and the world. While Jesus was confident the outcome would be in everyone’s favor, His disciples and followers felt fear moving into unknown circumstances. Sorrow and self-doubt consumed His disciples during the events leading up to the crucifixion. 

Ultimately, Jesus was faithful in His promise and better days were to come. 

As you move through this Holy Week, imagine being one of His disciples, unaware of the end of the story. Then reflect on your own life. When you find yourself in the throes of an uncertain life transition, take heart knowing that Easter is coming. 

No one can take away the joy that comes from witnessing God’s faithfulness in your life’s circumstances. 

Rebecca Turner