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Bagel, Eggs, Grapes

Strive to have 3-5 different food groups at breakfast to be balanced. 

Two eggs plus egg whites provided a protein and healthy fat. *Half a toasted bagel for a complex carb. A cup of fresh grapes for fruit.

*Bagels tend to be very dense and high in calories. There are good uses for an entire bagel: pre- (intense) workout or long run, bulking up, or you’re not trying to manage your weight. Don’t give them up entirely, don’t eat them allllllllll, alllllll the time. 

PB, Banana Waffles

Rate Your Plate
Breakfast, my favorite meal. Ultrafiltered milk provides plenty of protein. Whole grain waffles, a banana and peanut butter for healthy fat. 
Your breakfast needs 3-5 different food groups to be balanced. Learn more about Rate Your Plate here
Remember, a VARIETY of food is the best thing you can do to get a VARIETY of nutrients your body needs on a daily bases. Singular food groups provide singular nourishment.

Fajita Eggs

Rate Your Plate

Utilize leftover fajitas by adding egg whites to make them stretch for two.  Protein and fat come from the fajitas mix. Used a whole grain wrap at home for added fiber and lower calories (than restaurant wraps). Paired it with a side of fresh greens and salsa for vegetables.

Post Workout Brunch

Rate Your Plate

Post workout brunch. One egg + egg whites for a protein to help rebuild my tired muscles. Two slices of toast for a complex carb to refuel my muscles. Slathered on two laughing cow cheese wedges for creamy fun. Wash it down with “no sugar added” OJ (did you know, Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body). And that pickle is spicy and makes my life better (no, it’s not a vegetable serving).

Learn more about Rate Your Plate here

Oats and Yogurt Breakfast

Rate Your Plate
Breakfast of a busy mom, who doesn’t have time to “cook” something. Everyone has time to mix a bunch of goodies in a bowl. 

Since Rate Your Plate is based on balance of different food groups to provide a variety of nutrition, Breakfast meals should have 3-5 different food groups. Greek yogurt gives a hearty protein and the goodness of dairy. Old fashioned oats for a complex carb, and cantaloupe is a fruit. Stir in 1 Tbsp of peanut butter to provide a plant based fat that will keep you full and satisfied. 

Get creative with a fruit, oats and yogurt bowl. Summertime offers fruits galore! Any fruit can change the entire experience. Don’t get stuck in a fruit rut.

Beach Breakfast

Rate Your Plate
Vacation breakfast that is easy to pack and delicious to eat. Simple, light start to a busy beach day. Breakfast should have 3-5 food groups. 
This could easy have fruit added to it, but I knew I’d be snacking on grapes while enjoying the sun and waves so I held off on those this time. 
Alternative: This would also make a killer snack (pre/post) workouts.

Post workout brunch.

Rate Your Plate
Post workout brunch. 
1 Egg + 2 Egg whites wrapped in a high fiber tortilla, paired with veggies and hummus (with a large enough serving that it’s my fat), washed down with an ice cold skim, Fairlife. 

Main meals need 4-6 different food groups to be balanced

Sausage Balls

Rate Your Plate
Sausage balls are one of my weaknesses. Dang, they are delicious!! And sausage balls are my go to when partaking in a potluck breakfast. As good as they are, if you’re trying to manage your weight or health, you need to be mindful of the amount you just pop, pop, pop, into your mouth. 

While sausage balls do have some protein in them, they have more fat per serving. Pairing it with a Greek yogurt which is packed in protein and a fruit balances it out.

*Remember, Breakfast needs 3-5 different food groups to be balanced. 

Avocado Banana Smoothie

Rate Your Plate
My morning smoothie with a new avocado find in the freezer section.
*Breakfast: 3-5 different food groups

Protein- whey
Vegetable- avocado has a darkened check mark because it’s also the fat
Fruit- banana
Dairy- milk
Fat- avocado

Could make a decent meal replacement (to be used only in emergencies), or after workout recovery shake. Not an ad of any kind, just my personal favorite brands.


Click on the photos for more pictures. 

Protein boosted yogurt.

Rate Your Plate
 Breakfast: 3-5 different food groups. 

I like raw oats in my yogurt. You should try it. Since I’m lifting heavy during this season, I’m focused on getting plenty of protein at every meal.

The small individual yogurts have 12-15 grams of protein, that an appropriate amount for most. 
You can try adding a scoop of protein powder into your yogurt for an extra boost. That’s what I did here, and it’s delicious. 

Topped the raw oats and yogurt with slivered almonds for the fat. 

This would make for a great afternoon snack, too. 

If I had a fruit in the house, I would have added it. But my cabinets were Uber sad. Ha!
Zero connections with these brands. Not an advertisement, just my personal favorites.



Fruit, Yogurt and Cashews

Rate Your Plate
Enjoy the rainbow by eating it. 
Breakfast needs 3-5 different food groups to be balanced. 
Greek yogurt provides you a powerful protein and dairy. Fruit galore (really it is one cup measured of mixed chopped fruit) and about a 1/4 cup of whole cashews for a heart healthy fat.

This is a simple breakfast, snack, or even a late night meal, when your other choice was cereal or nothing. 

Fruit, Nuts and Yogurt To-Go

Rate Your Plate
Breakfast needs 3-5 different food groups to be balanced.

Remember- every food group brings a wealth of nutrition to the table. Not all food groups have the same nutrients. A variety of food groups at each meal means you’re get a spectator spectrum of nutrients!

My breakfast on-the-go took less than a minute to prepare. Muscle building protein from Greek yogurt, energy carbs from my fruit, and a healthy fat from slivered almonds.

*No relation to these brands. 

Protein Packed Bagel

Rate Your Plate
New find, New favorite. Who said bagels couldn’t be protein (and fiber) packed? 

Zero affiliation with any brand shown, like Dave's Killer Bread, but digging their products. This bagel has 12 grams (plant based) protein + 5 grams fiber. Score! 

Pair it with a peanut butter and a banana and glass of ultra filtered, protein rich milk and you hit a home run for breakfast!

Protein Peanut Butter Waffles

 Rate Your Plate - a few of my favorite things brought together for a powerful, protein packed breakfast (pre or post workout meal or dinner when you don’t care, but still care). 

Protein checkmark is dimmer because the protein is nicely packed inside other food groups. Carbs come from Vans Power Grains waffles (10g pro) whole grains. 
No vegetable, but a banana for the fruit group. 
Dairy is obtained with ultra filtered milk (20g pro) no added sugar, no fat. 
Fat is from the peanut butter. (Remember, PB has more fat grams than protein grams, making not the best protein only option).

Breakfast needs 3-5 different checkmarks. 

I have zero affiliations with these brands. 

Fruit, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal

Rate Your Plate - a balanced breakfast contains 3-5 different food groups. This balanced breakfast takes under 5 minutes to make and will keep you full and satisfied for hours. 

Protein- ultra filtered milk
Carb- old fashioned oats
Vegetable- not in this meal
Fruit- dried (no sugar added) 
Dairy- ultra filtered milk
Fat- heaping teaspoonful peanut butter


*Zero connection to the brands shown. 

Egg Breakfast

Rate Your Plate
That’s a mound of egg whites with one egg, on toast with a laughing cow cheese spread, topped with salsa and an orange. It’s delicious. 

Remember, breakfast needs 3-5 food groups to be balanced. 

Salsa is only considered a veggie serving if you eat about 1/2 cup (that’s a lot)! And the laughing cow cheese spread isn’t enough to be a full dairy serving (but it’s delicious)!

Breakfast Bowl (Again)

Rate Your Plate
Breakfast Bowl. So easy, so delicious. 
Greek yogurt gives me a dairy and a protein. Raw oats is a fiber packed carbohydrate choice. No veggie here. Got a fruit with a sliced banana and the almonds top it off with a heart healthy fat. **mix and enjoy**

PB Toast, Banana with Protein Rich Milk

🍽 Rate Your Plate

**** Breakfast needs 3-5 different check marks to be balanced. ****

Fairlife is a unique milk that has been ultra filtered to provide 20g of protein per cup. (This is not a sponsored post, I enjoy the product) pair it with whole wheat toast, peanut butter and a banana. 

🔺 Quick breakfast.

🔺 Easy pre-workout snack

🔺 Balanced post-workout snack

Turkey Sausage McMuffin

Rate Your Plate 

So easy, full of goodness to fuel my day. Turkey sausage gave me a protein choice + the fat (because it's still sausage). Toasted wheat English Muffin for a fiber rich carb. 

Sausage typically is not protein "packed" so I paired it with a Greek style yogurt to give me another protein source with a variety of nutrients not found in adding more "sausage" to the plate. 

The grapes gave me a fruit. Duh. 
A balanced breakfast has 3-5 different food groups.