Veggie Pasta Product Review

Rate Your Plate 

You might have noticed the vegetable pasta options in your freezer section. They definitely can be part of a balanced meal, but make sure you read the label for the full picture. 

Yes, they are 100% vegetables, but it still comes from lentils and beans which are a starchy vegetable and would be a carbohydrate on your plate. 

You do get a bonus of 10 grams of plant based protein! And minimal sugar of any kind. With a modest amount of fat.

I appreciate that they put the serving size calories + the entire bag calories so you can compare the difference. You certainly can eat the entire bag and end up with 20 grams of protein, but also 55 grams of carbohydrates. Just be aware of what else you are pairing an entire bag with. 

If I ate the entire bag, I would pair it with a side salad or non starchy vegetable. Maybe some shrimp or light fish, but it’s heavy enough alone. 

I did pair it with grilled chicken and a non starchy vegetable, asparagus. 

Not an ad. Just a review. I enjoyed the taste, the kid did not (but honestly it’s because it has an odd appearance).

Rebecca Turner