Southwest Salad

Rate Your Plate

If you’re stepping out for lunch at McAlester's then try their southwest salad (dressing on the side).

Grilled chicken provides a protein, beans and corn give you a fiber dense carbohydrate, plenty of veggies in the salad and of course cheese for the dairy win. Notice the darkened check mark- that’s because the fat choice on this salad comes from the guacamole (avocados, which is also a vegetable or a fruit, who cares, it’s a plant).

*Make sure the dressing is on the side. With the cheese and guacamole, you really don’t need it. That’s starting to creep high in the fat content. You can always opt to leave one of those off if you prefer dressing. 

You may notice the chips. There is literally like a few on the plate. You could leave them off, but it’s not a big bag. Also this is a large salad! You can share it, enjoy it, or take half home.