Tuna Salad, Salad

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Digging the new tuna flavors that are available in most brands, today. I am not linked with any specific brand, and like to try out all the new flavors. On occasion, I will use two packets (instead of the one shown here) if my only source of protein is coming from the tuna. 

This salad is simple (and sort of sad). Just spinach and chopped celery for a crunch. I didn't have much in the refrigerator to make it fancier. Such is life.... 

Again, no relation to the Dave's Bread Bagel, but I am digging them in multiple ways. With 27 grams of plant protein, there was no need for a second packet of tuna. The two together were plenty and a nice balance of plant + animal proteins. 

Lunch needs 4-6 different food groups to be balanced.

Rebecca Turner