Protein Packed, PB and Banana Breakfast

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A balance breakfast needs a minimum of 3 different food groups. 

When the kitchen is running on low because it's grocery shopping day- you can still pull together a balanced breakfast with pantry stables. 

Whole wheat toast (carb) with peanut butter (healthy fat and anchor) topped with a sliced banana (fruit) makes a filling breakfast or pre- workout snack. But it lacks adequate protein to help sustain muscle tissue, especially if your goal is building new or stronger muscles. 

Simply pair it with a protein rich food like yogurt- I'm loving these drinkable yogurts, made with real dairy, very low added sugar, and taste great. (Not an ad or sponsored, just a happy customer). 

This completes a balanced breakfast or post-workout snack. (You need to protein after you workout, you don't put a bandaid on before you get cut- duh.)

Rebecca Turner