School Lunch Style

Rate Your Plate 

School lunch style! Had a lunch date with my kindergatener - and went through the lunch line like a student. 

So many opinions on school lunches, and I'm not here to change your mind. But, as a dietitian (and mom), I couldn't be more pleased at the effort to provide a balanced meal- that Rates Right!

FYI: It's not a health sin to serve kids hamburgers and French fries. At least, my Nutrition Jesus doesn't believe it to be so. But, the sin comes in stoping there an not also providing foods that nurious best- fruits and vegetables. 

Today, I witnessed kids getting the best of both worlds. And, I saw kids eating carrots, drinking their milk, munching on fries, and slopping down pears---> made my RD and mom heart smile.

Rate Your Plate, MealRebecca Turner