Sushi Buffet

Rate Your Plate 

Raise your hand if you like sushi? 

Yeah, it is a pretty popular food, and for good reason: it's da bomb dot com. 

You may think because it's fancy to look at and made from fish it is automatically a healthy choice. Wrong. 

Like any other delicious food, the way it is prepared, toppings, and portion all matter. 

Especially if you are attending a buffet that also has sushi. It can be tricky to maneuver. 

Here are a few tips to tackling sushi:

1. Take it easy on the soy sauce. It is pretty much liquid sodium. Even the lower sodium is liquid sodium. 
2. Skip imitation meat. Ew. 
3. Opt for brown rice if they offer it. But in the end it's still a lot of carbohydrate calories from rice. Be mindful. 
4. Avoid anything crunchy (tempura) or creamy. Crunchy and creamy = fried or high fat.
5. Enjoy the soup, salad, and edamame as a filling starter so you need less rolls. 
6. Limit your order to only 2 rolls. 
7. Choose sashimi.

This photo is a Sunday lunch at a buffet-- I filled my plate with vegetables and fruit, first. Then went and sampled the sushi limiting it to 7 -10 individual pieces.