Pork Chop and Potatoes

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Main meals need 4-6 different food groups to promote balance of nutrition. 

Meals don't have to be complicated to offer a complex web of good for your nutrition. The husband lit the grill and threw on some delicious pork chops with potatoes and in less than 30 minutes dinner was served. 

The grilled pork chop provided muscle building protein. The potatoes were sliced with and sprinkled with a ranch dip packet, no butter or oil. Wrap the potatoes in a piece of tin foil and then let cook on the grill till tender. Red skinned potatoes offered a healthy carbohydrate (being a starchy vegetable). Pair with a pile of spinach and little dressing and bam! You have dinner. 

**When grilling always put on more for leftovers, that way you can lunch or dinner the next day!