Made at Home Spaghetti

🍽 Rate Your Plate- not homemade, but made at home with love. You don’t have to cook from scratch to serve up a healthy, delicious meal.

Spaghetti is a family favorite that is easy to make and taste great as leftovers. 

To make as healthy as possible, use lean ground meat and a whole grain noodle. Pair with a veggie packed salad or steamed vegetable side, like the broccoli seen in this photo. The biggest mistake most people make with spaghetti is portion size. Keep the noodles to a 1/2 cup to 1 cup cooked and about the same with the sauce. 

**Optional** I added flavor to the sauce by sautéing a few cloves of fresh garlic with half a chopped onion, before adding in the ground meat to brown. 

The lean meat provided the protein. Whole grain noodles give you a carbohydrate. Tomato based sauces are a vegetable serving, but go the extra mile and add a better source, like the broccoli shown here. No fruit in this meal. There is some butter on the broccoli which gave the fat choice, but really not a good "dairy" choice so it is a darken checkmark. 

These are the brands I used. Not an advertisement, not sponsored.