Grilled chicken strips with vegetables

If you haven't noticed, I don't complicate dinner in our house. My cooking style is simple and to the point- put something on the table that will get eaten and offer some nourishment. 

This is an easy meal, made on a George Foreman style grill and in the microwave. Chicken tenders cook quick and are perfectly portioned for kids. I find that chicken breast can be oversized and more gets tossed than eaten. 

Season and cook the tenders first to leave behind good flavoring for the vegetables. The small potatoes came in a ready to microwave package at the grocery with seasoning attached. 

Sure, homemade potatoes might be slightly better, but I slept just fine after utilizing my microwave to help put a healthy meal on the table in less time. 

Protein- chicken
Carb- potatoes
Vegetable- pepers and onions
Fruit- n/a
Dairy- n/a
Fat- olive oil