Homemade Chicken Strips

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Homemade chicken strips, vegetable stir fry, and instant (yes, instant) mashed potatoes. 

To make homemade chicken strips, get two medium sized bowls, and a package of boneless, skinless chicken strips. 

Bowl 1: unseasoned bread crumbs + seasoning (I used kickn' chicken. Mix well. 

Bowl 2: an individual container of plain Greek yogurt. 

Step 1: coat strip in Greek yogurt. 
Step 2: coat strip in bread / seasoning mix
Step 3: place on baking pan
Step 4: repeat with other strips
Step 5: spritz w/ olive oil & bake at 350 for ~25 min
Step 6: let cool
Step 7: thank me 

To see the stir fry and instant potato brand, check out my Instagram story or Snapchat. 

Protein- chicken
Carb- mashed potato
Vegetable- stir fry
Fruit- n/a
Dairy- n/a* 
Fat- olive oil / butter in potatoes 

*Greek yogurt was used on the strips, but not enough to be considered a dairy serving. But not using mayo saved this dinner 10+ grams of fat. Score!