Spaghetti Dinner

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Spaghetti dinner done right. You might wonder how spaghetti dinners can go wrong? It's not so much that traditional spaghetti recipes are all that unhealthy. Although, you can boost the overall nutrition with whole grain noodles, low-sugar sauces, and lean ground meat. 

What usually gets spaghetti dinners a failing grade is the portion size. Typically, families just serve a large spaghetti portion and a bread with no vegetable side. That ends filling you up, but with all the calories coming from meat sauce and noodles (both calorie dense foods). 

A serving of noodles is only a 1/2 cup cooked (not the size you probably wanted to hear). And runs about 220 calories per serving (it adds up quickly). 

But you can't just serve spaghetti in a smaller bowl and expect to fill up your family. You must add a hearty vegetable (like broccoli shown), or side salad. If not, you'll be hungry in no time. 

Protein- ground meat 

Carb- noodles 

Vegetable - broccoli, tomato sauce 

Fruit- n/a 

Dairy- n/a 

Fat- olive oil for my broccoli