Wendy's Chili Salad

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Dinner isn't always homemade. And there are nights the "window meal" is the realistic option. Sure, not the only option, but one most likely chosen by uber busy families (like mine). 

Wendy's is a regular for the Turners because it's literally the most convenient. There are other stops that I'd chose if location was in my favor at the time. 

One of my go-to meals at Wendy's is the chili salad. It's high in protein, low in fat, and high fiber from the beans. The salad really helps add bulk to the meal and can fill me up even at my hungriest. 

Wine, optional.  
But highly recommend. 😉 

Protein- meat
Carb- beans / chips
Vegetable- beans / salad / salsa
Fruit - n/a
Dairy- shredded cheese
Fat - cheese / chips