PB&J Oatmeal, Protein Packed

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See, I don't always eat waffles for breakfast. 😉 
This is another simple, super quick and long lasting morning meal or post workout snack. 

Fairlife milk is ultra-filtered and has 50% less sugar, but packs 13g of quality protein per cup! And the fat-free is only 80 calories (for 13 grams of protein)! 

PB&J Oatmeal is a favorite (even with kids). 

See how this meal rates. 

Protein - milk
Carb- Oatmeal
Vegetable- n/a
Fruit- n/a *
Dairy- milk
Fat- peanut butter 

*yes, I used blueberry jam (homemade) but it certainly is not enough of a serving to be a "fruit" - it was a small teaspoon just add flavor 

And - Incase you were wondering, I stirred it all together before eating.