Oven "Fried" Chicken Tenders

🍽 Rate Your Plate

Oven "fried" chicken strips from a box. Ha. 
I like the Good Table Foods brand (not an ad). They make it easy and delicious to serve kids' favorites but in a healthier version. 

Found in the spice aisle where "shake -n- bake" or bread crumbs are found (neither has healthy as this brand, FYI). 

Here how it rates if paired with the right sides. 

Protein- chicken tenders
Carb- n/a * 
Vegetable- broccoli
Fruit- n/a
Dairy- cheese sauce 
Fat- cheese sauce, ha

*there isn't a mark for carbohydrates bc the coating isn't enough in portion to give you a serving of grains. You could add sweet potato fries or mashed potatoes to get a check (and make it more kid friendly)! 

Seriously, dinner done in less than 30 minutes and leftovers for a salad tomorrow. Touchdown!