Salmon + Cranberry Slaw

🍽 Rate Your Plate: Salmon + Cranberry Slaw

Putting together a balanced lunch or dinner doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. This was a pre-seasoned salmon fillet from Kroger, a salad kit with added cranberries, and corn on the cob from the microwave. I'm almost embarrassed at how easy it was to throw together.

It rates great, too.

Protein- salmon.

Carb- corn on the cob.

Vegetable- slaw.

Fruit- cranberries.

Dairy- n/a.

Fat- dressing + salmon is a fatty fish.

Technically, you could have not added the corn and it would have been balanced. But, there was leftover corn and I like corn and I had room for it in my allowed check marks for main meals: 4-6.

Hope this is starting to make sense to you- if not, please ask questions.