Shrimp Tacos

🍽 Rate Your Plate: Primos Cafe Style

Primo's is becoming a go-to local stop for the Turner family. Usually we are there on Tuesday night because kids eat free (don't judge). Normally, I get the vegetable soup + cornbread you can find in an early post.

But, we stopped in this past Saturday for an early celebration of my birthday (it's tomorrow) :) And I wanted more than soup, but still keep it balanced.

Here is how my shrimp tacos rated.

Protein- shrimp.

Carb- wraps*

Vegetables- salad*, pico, slaw

Fruit- n/a

Dairy- n/a

Fat- a little ranch + oil for shrimp

*I ate one full taco and then ate just the inside of the second. They were decent size and the salad helped fill me up. However, males could definitely get away with eating the second wrap.

*Picking a healthier side can really make an overall impact to the rate of your plate. Although their curly fries are to die for, it wouldn't have been the best choice. Nor would have been a side of starchy vegetables. The side salad was the best rated choice.