Wendy's Summer Berry Salad

Should you eat fast food, daily? Heck No! 
Should you avoid it at all cost? That’s a personal decision. 

Most people and families (including the dietitian) find themselves in a drive thru on occasion. 

In fact, I am such a fan of Wendy’s (and the fact it is directly around the corner from daycare) that the Turners eat it once a week. Typically, on Fridays because the cupboards are bare and I don’t want to cook. 

And, having it in moderation hasn’t killed me, yet. 

It truly is what you order and how often you stop that matters. Hats off to many fast-food chains for trying to include healthier options. Sure, there is still the price difference between the fatty-fried stuff and the fresh stuff. But, I promise the more you buy the fresh stuff the better the prices will be eventually. 

Demand drives the supply change.  

Anyway- I’m digging the new Summer Berry Salad.
Fresh fruit, vegetables, a lean protein, and feta cheese. 


I am a fan of the salad, but not the dressing that came with it. The word “light” means low-fat. Anytime you see “low-fat” look for “sugar!” While this dressing doesn’t offer any fat, it is loaded with sugar. In fact, it is pure sugar. 

If you are trying to manage diabetes or really watching your weight, this could be an issue. 


If you are dining-in, then ask for a hearty dressing- like ranch and use as little as possible.

Best case scenario, you take it home. And you use a good olive oil based dressing. Healthy fats, like in olive oil, helps you absorb some of the fat-soluble nutrients found in the salad you otherwise would miss out on. 

FYI: fat-free dressings are dumb.

Nutrition Breakdown: 
Summer Berry Chicken Salad, Full Size, NO Dressing
Calories: 280
Fat: 10
Carbs: 17
Protein: 34

Plenty of room to wiggle in some good, hearty dressing!