Sandwiches may be one of my top-5 favorite meals. 

When I was pregnant, I didn’t crave anything but a sandwich. And it wasn’t a specific sandwich, it was everything “as a sandwich”! You name it and I wanted it between two pieces of bread. 

I also have strict policies and procedures for my sandwiching making: 
1. Bread must be fresh. 
2. Mustard goes on cheese side. 
3. Pickle goes on cheese slice. 
4. If mayo is present, a tomato must be present. 
5. Lightly salt the tomato or I’ll throw my sandwich at you. 

Now what goes between the pickle and the perfectly salted tomato slice is up for discussion. Could be turkey, maybe some ham, a tuna salad, or even a slice of meatloaf. (I’m serious). 

Anyway- not all sandwiches are balanced. 
Here is what a balanced sandwich should look like. 
Ain’t it pretty? 

What I used: 
Nature's Own Specialty Wheat
Sargentos Thin Slice Cheddar (45 calories!) 
Jenny O' low-sodium turkey (from the counter) 
Lettuce, tomato, and plain mustard. 
I had mixed a packet of Ranch into light sour cream for an amazing spread without the fat of Ranch or Mayo.