Rotisserie Chicken + Acorn Squash

🍽 Rate Your Plate: Weird Leftovers 

Sometimes you just throw things on a plate and pop it in the microwave and hope for the best. That's what happened here. 

Protein- rotisserie chicken
Carb- brown sugar + squash*
Veggies- Acorn Squash + slaw
Fruit- n/a
Dairy- n/a
Fat- slaw dressing 

*Acorn Squash is considered non-starchy. That means you can eat a larger portion for less calories and carbohydrate grams than a potato, bean, pea, corn or other "starchy vegetable."  But the bigger the serving size the more the carbs add up. I had half a huge Squash! Plus the sugar, which was moderate but still worth the check mark.

The squash was halved and baked with butter and brown sugar with pumpkin pie spices.

Stupid good.

Rebecca Turner