Healthy Hotdog

🍽Rate Your Plate: Hot Diggity Dog! 

Sometimes an adult just needs a good hotdog. And it's been a long day so I don't want to explain why most hotdogs make me gag. Let's just say its low quality ingredients (mechanically pressed or seperated anything doesn't sound yummy). Not to mention the high amounts of saturated fat and salt found in your traditional name brand hot / sausage dogs. "Sausage" anything is just going to be high in saturated (linked to heart disease) by nature. 

These days, when I have an urge for a hotdog I look for brands that have very minimal ingredients- like just chicken or just pork or just beef and very understandable spices. 

Applegate is not the only decent brand in groceries, but I like it (this is not an ad or sponsored post in anyway). And when I do go for a hotdog, it is isn't your typical hotdog and stale chip dinner. It rates right! 

Protein- wiener
Carb- whole wheat bun
Vegetable- carrots + hummus
Fruit- n/a
Dairy- n/a
Fat- the sausage dog gave enough 

*I did add mustard which rates as nothing, ha!

Rebecca Turner