Protein Packed Breakfast

🍽 Rate Your Plate: Simple, Protein Packed Breakfast 

Doesn't get much easier than this and kids can even put it together. You can even toast and take it on your way to work to eat there. No excuses. 

Breakfast needs 3-5 different food groups (or checks marks) to be balanced. 

Protein- nestled in the waffles + yogurt
Carb- waffles
Vegetable- n/a
Fruit- grapes
Dairy- Greek yogurt  
Fat- n/a

Featured here are Van's protein waffles. You can find them in Kroger or other speciality groceries. I have not seen them in Walmart, yet. The yogurt is Oikos Triple Zero and sweetened with stevia and can be found in most grocery stores. This post is not sponsored in anyway and certainly not an ad. Just the products in my pantry.