Mahi Mahi Sandwich

🍽 Rate Your Plate: Mugshots Grill & Bar

You don't typically think of Mugshots (a burger dive) as somewhere you can eat healthy or balanced. Sure they are well known for their delicious burgers topped with everything from cheese, chili, and sauces.

But, they also have an array of salads that are aimed for the those lighter eaters and sandwiches that can be manipulated a tad to rate great. That's what I did here.

Order: Mahi Mahi Sandwich on wheat, sub fries for vegetables, and removed the top bun. Kept the delicious comeback sauce, just asked for "light sauce" meaning less than normal. You could also just ask for the sauce on the side.

If you're tempted to order fries (b/c they are stupid good) just remember, they often have more fat and calories than the burger. Plus, if someone else at the table is ordering fries, just steal enough to get a taste. That's what I did, I nibbled on my husband's without inhaling an entire order to myself. Husband's are good for those kinds of things, ya know?

Protein- fish

Carb- half the bun

Vegetable- steamed side

Fruit- n/a

Dairy- n/a

Fat- sauce