As you think, so you eat.



Rebecca Turner’s book, Mind Over Fork, is more than a nutrition book written by a registered dietitian. Mind Over Fork is a recount of Rebecca’s personal journey to establish a balanced relationship with food and her self-image. When you read Mind Over Fork, you are getting a step by step approach to how Rebecca conquered stinking thinking, retrained her brain to focus on good health not superficial numbers like calorie counts or numbers on the scale.

Take Mind Over Fork to the next level by bringing Rebecca to your church, women’s group, or hometown and allow her to walk you through the steps from her perspective.

During a Mind Over Fork Workshop, Rebecca helps participants:

  • Create their definition of healthy.

  • Verbalize a vision of good health to aspire to achieve.

  • Identity real (and mental) roadblocks and construct actionable detours.

  • Uncover hidden fears that may be weighing them down.

  • Set the stage for realistic success by challenging the way you think, not what you eat.

In addition to tackling the mind, Rebecca can also teach participants to Rate Your Plate.

  • Learn to build balanced meals regardless of the eating situation.

  • Learn how food groups work together to provide a balanced nourishment.

  • Learn to let go of calorie counting and trust a common-sense approach to eating well.

  • Learn five food strategies to eating for good health while enjoying good food.

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