Information presented on this site and through my social media platforms is intended as a personal and professional representation of my views on food and nutrition. This site is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or any other medical application. Questions should be directed to your personal physician.

As of the date that this policy was written, I have not accepted any form of paid product review in any of my posts. If, in the future, I accept advertising or sponsors to this site, it will be clearly labeled as “advertisement” or “sponsor.”

By the nature of my business, I do accept payment for freelance writing / blogging, media spokesperson work, and nutrition workshops. I have mentioned and/or linked to some those companies and brands throughout my site, but have never accepted payment specifically for those mentions. I make a rule not to engage in financial relationships with companies whose products do not match my personal and professional beliefs.


For purpose of disclosure, I currently or have previously worked for:

  • Southeast Dairy Association
  • Fleet Feet Sports of Jackson
  • Marathon Makeover
  • Mississippi Sports Medicine
  • Well-Being Magazine
  • Eat Jackson
  • WLBT
  • MPB

[policy updated April 11, 2016]