What is Rate Your Plate?

Rate Your Plate - Business Card Tool

Warning: This is not a diet.

There are no overnight tricks, diets, or supplements that lead to true health. Everything, including wellbeing, comes with a time invested cost.

Nonetheless, eating for good health and achieving a maintainable healthy weight doesn’t have to be dreadful and daunting. You can live in a world where chocolate, Chardonnay, and chips-n-salsa can coexist with a fit figure.

If you are health conscious and ready to eat with purpose, yet tired of counting calories and being confused by all the misleading nutrition information in the media, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Rate Your Plate, is an easy to use tool that will meet you where you are and guide you to a balanced meal every time.

The madness behind the method is simple and rooted in what you have been taught for decades: eat a variety of wholefoods from all the food groups, daily. You’ve seen a pyramid and a MyPlate to help get the message across. All I did was provide the same science based, time tested, sound nutrition advice as a checklist for your convenience.

To Rate Your Plate, simply assess each meal and snack to determine how many “check marks” in the different food groups you have in front of you. Or, use it to build a balanced meal based off the number of check marks recommended.

There are traditionally 5 food groups: proteins, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairy. I have added a 6th food group to my check list: healthy fats.

Each food group provides a wealth of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients not commonly found in other food groups. Example: seafood provides heart healthy omega 3 fats and protein where spinach provides vitamin E, fiber, and cancer fighting phytonutrients. Dairy provides bone building calcium and vitamin D where oats provide fiber and energy providing B vitamins.

Without a variety in our diet we miss out on health benefits the other food groups have to offer. Not to mention, calorie amounts differ among food groups, too. Eating a variety of food groups helps tame the overall caloric impact of your meal.

Reaching your full nourishing potential lies in diversity of foods. Period. 

Rate Your Plate takes care of all the above for you. You just make sure you have getting different check marks at each meal and you’ll be hitting a homerun in nutrient diversity. The best part, you will start lose weight and feel better because you are providing the body with a range of nutrients to work in your health’s favor.

To make the most of Rate Your Plate stick to the following guidelines. And to learn how to master the method head on over to the Rate Your Plate Blog and follow me on all the social outlets. You’ll see real life examples of me, rating my plate, daily.


3–5 different check marks.

Main Meals

4–6 different check marks.


2–3 different check marks.