Kathy Warwick, RD, CDE

For over 30 years I have worked with clients who wanted to lose weight, control diabetes or have more energy to enjoy life. They were truly motivated to change their eating and exercise habits, but after a few weeks of improvement would fall back into old habits. In Mind Over Fork, Rebecca turner reveals the hidden reason for the lack of success: "stinking thinking" is really to blame. This book will help you change the cycle of dietitian and frustration. Take the first step toward life long wellness with Mind Over Fork.

Rebecca Turner
Constance Shelby, MS, RDN, LD

From one consulting dietitian to another, Rebecca Turner's strategy is magnificent! She truly understands what the average, busy American needs for implementing a healthy lifestyle! Bravo, Rebecca!

Rebecca Turner

Not your typical nutrition or diet book. Clearly written for the beginner or advanced dieter to understand. Challenging at points and honestly more concerned about developing a life long healthy lifestyle changes than a 'fix it quick' method. As someone who has been a yo-yo dieter for 30 years at least, I think I may have finally found the resource to help me get healthy once and for all.

Rebecca Turner
Dawn Dugle

Mind over "Fatter". (Yeah, I went there.) Because for years I denied myself or even starved myself, and nothing worked.

Until I read this. For the first time, someone forced me to take a look at the core reasons I kept gaining weight, instead of losing weight - even though I was on "diet" after "diet". When you change your mindset and realize the choice to be healthy is in your hands, you realize you have the POWER to change it. Thank you Rebecca Turner for unlocking that mystery and sharing it with the rest of us!

Rebecca Turner
Martha Rosado

I love Rebecca's casual, practical tone and approach to healthy living. I feel like I'm having a one on one conversation with my coach! The real life application exercises at the end of each chapter are especially useful and gets me actively thinking right away.

Rebecca Turner
Charlie, Radio DJ, Y101.7

I have struggled with digestive issues for over a decade. After countless doctor and specialist visits, scans and tests and hundreds of dollars, my problem was never really resolved, just made "manageable" with a generalized diagnosis and prescription drugs. My husband recommended I see a nutritionist.  I contacted Rebecca Turner and told her about my symptoms and my frustrations. She put together a custom eating plan for me that not only made sense, but it worked! With Rebecca's knowledge and guidance, I feel like a new person.  Her plan is easy for me to follow, stress-free and still very filling. I am looking forward to further improving my digestive health, as well as slimming up my waist line!

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